This handmade bookmark has been modelled on a surviving 15th-century bookmark held in The Newberry Library (Case MS 37.5). Originally made in scriptorium offcuts of vellum or parchment, this modern version is in animal-friendly, parchment-effect, card and is handsewn with linen thread.

Race may dominate everyday speech, media headlines and public policy, yet still questions of racialized blackness and whiteness in Shakespeare are resisted. In his compelling new book Ian Smith addresses the influence of systemic whiteness on the interpretation of Shakespeare's plays. 

A fresh, exciting history of seventeenth-century England, a time of revolution when society was on fire and simultaneously forging the modern world.The Blazing World is the story of this strange, twisting, fascinating century. It was a new world of wealth, creativity, and daring curiosity, but also of greed, pugnacious arrogance, and colonial violence.












A letterpress printed set of 5 bookplates on off-white laid paper. Original artwork by Anachronalia

inspired by the inventive curses written into monastic texts in the middle ages.









Irresistibly cute this little rabbit is sure to be a springtime favorite.

Length:3.5" Long
Width:4" Wide

Height:4" Tall






For nearly three centuries, men - most of them white and financially privileged - ensconced themselves in private and hard-to-access libraries, hammering out 'their' versions of Shakespeare's text.  A bold, revisionist and alternative version of Shakespearean editorial history, this book recovers the lives and labours of almost seventy women editors.




Today, fast food is disproportionately located in Black neighborhoods and marketed to Black Americans through targeted advertising. But throughout much of the twentieth century, fast food was developed specifically for White urban and suburban customers, purposefully avoiding Black spaces.

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