Emma Willard, Maps of History

Emma Willard, Maps of History
Emma Willard, Maps of History

“In history I have invented the map.”—Emma Willard, 1848

Emma Willard created new ways to understand time. Her inventions defined chronology for millions of Americans. This volume explores Willard’s legacy by republishing her graphics with new critique and context.

An original illustrated essay by historian Susan Schulten titled “A Graphic Mind” explores the influences and achievements of Emma Willard’s craft. The volume is introduced by geographer Matthew H. Edney.

The book concludes with a colorful graphic catalog that reproduces Willard’s maps of history and charts of time in three sections: atlases, classroom charts, and textbook graphics. Enclosed is an actual-size poster of her most famous work,The Temple of Time.

Book Details
Hardcover printed on book cloth with gold foil stamp lettering
Dust jacket printed with PMS colors
11 × 7.8 inches (199 × 279 mm) trim size
248 pages
139 illustrations including 1 foldout map
Temple of Timeposter enclosed
Printed in Italy
2022 Publication