Ex Libris tie

Ex Libris tie

Ex Libris Necktie - translated to "From the Library of." A sixteenth century book imprint with skull, hourglass and intertwined snakes. Bookplates became common in 13th century Europe and typically bore a name, motto, device, coat-of-arms, crest, badge, or any design that signifies ownership of the book.

• Pattern: Ex Libris Book Print
• Fabric: Silky-soft microfiber. Vegan safe.
• Printing ink: Non-toxic, waterbased ink.
• Print size: 8" from bottom point.
• Tie Size: Choose standard or narrow.
• Color: Many! Your choice from dropdown menu.
• Care: Hand wash, spot clean, or dry clean.
• Creases and folds? Gently iron medium.