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Paper Sculpture: Fluid Forms

Paper Sculpture: Fluid Forms
Pliable, ephemeral, and easily manipulated with simple tools, paper is a medium with which the artist can form three-dimensional shapes quickly through precise folding and cutting.
  • Precise information on the whys behind 3-D paper sculpting and its methods
  • Hundreds of stunning photos of the works of acclaimed artist and designer Richard Sweeney
  • Shows how the basic principles of form making in paper can be useful for artists, architects, and fashion designers.
  • Follow Sweeney's engaging step-by-step analysis of the techniques he uses in the creation of his internationally exhibited work.
  • Sweeney leads you through the three stages of his process, from the initial conceptual stage (whether drawing on natural or architectural forms for inspiration), to the basic shapes, and finally to the folding techniques.
  • Simple, clear instructions and diagrams teach the building blocks: curved folding (symmetrical curves, circular folding), curved pleating (parallel pleat, reflection pleat, S curve, radiating pleat, crescent pleat), wet folding, faceted pleating (twist, herringbone), and modular forms (curved module, shell module, pleat module).
  • Sweeney's work and words will inspire paper artists at all levels of expertise to create their own amazing sculptures.

    Publication Date: 
    October 26, 2021
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