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Letterpress Print - Newberry Facade

Starshaped Press Newberry Library Print
Starshaped Press Newberry Library Print

Given our old-school predilection for print, we found a kindred spirit in Starshaped Press, the print shop behind this exclusive letterpress print depicting our beautiful building.


Since 1999, Chicago-based Starshaped Press has stayed true to the original craft of letterpress. Using antique metal and wood type, the shop has bucked popular trends by showcasing the beauty and relevance of well-designed, historic type. Unlike most letterpress shops, Starshaped Press focuses on reusing existing materials (some over 150 years old) for all projects—meaning that no plastic is ever used in production.

A stellar expression of the shop’s style and ethos, this handsome poster is 9 by 12" and fabulous for framing.

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